PODCAST INTERVIEW : John Will Sail & Beer

John Will Sail and Beer at Overground Bar & Cafe. Beer break in between takes of live song.

The latest Rock Philosophy podcast was conducted with the New Zealand songwriter going by the moniker, John Will Sail. More commonly known as the frontman of metalcore band, The Fallen Versus Fate and more recently, bassist of hard rock band, The Sangsom Massacre, the Kiwi has a soft, introspective side to reveal in the new album entitled, “The City Sea”. With songs referencing maritime lore, the sea metaphors of wind, water, and sails are a constant theme intertwined with 90s skater-punk song structures, howling vocals and folky guitar. I had a chance to listen to rough mixes of “The City Sea” which features guest performances by Niall Murray (The Sangsom Massacre), Soranut ‘Beer” Masayavanich and drummers Craig McLachlan and Chris Oldman. There is more to meets the eye with the John Will Sail. While it would be easy to write him off as the songs are catchy and perhaps targeting digital audiences with short attention spans, there is a conviction to the music. This guy will never stop playing his songs. Every aspiring musician craves that moment in the spotlight and for John Will Sail, that time may sail in sooner or later.

Join John Will Sail’s album release party on June 27 at Bangkok Betty. The show features performances by Soranut Masayavanich, Eico, Ben Edwards (Plastic Section), Jeff Baker (Fathers of Medicine),  Gabriel Lynch and Alex Sypsomos. Live art by Joe Delaney. For more information click here.

Enjoy this rare, candid interview with John Will Sail with Beer as we chat about the new album and the challenges of being a musician in the digital age.

Special thanks to our new sponsor Overground Bar & Cafe.

– DC

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