Beer Soranut and his band live in China

Summer Sun Records : Beer Soranut and his band, John Will Sail, Kingkong and The Chum, Mike Srivingping and many Thai artists were invited by COART PARK for a street exhibition with art and music in Old Town, Lijiang China.

It was an amazing experience for us and we are sure to be back in Lijiang again soon.

The people were friendly, the host was the best host and we all made new friends. This trip cannot get any better with all the new Chinese fans we have made.

I got my guitar painted, shoot my music videos and finally back to my roots as my grandfather is from China

Thanks for the portrait on my guitar from Cece and Linjie for taking care of us, John Will Sail for the great footage, my band Marvin, Ek and Woody.

Thank you China I’m gonna miss you.

Threads from a Chinese article





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